Precious by Flo® Roses

Precious by Flo® roses are 100% real premium roses that can last for more than a year. They have been delicately handpicked during their most viable stage and are preserved immediately using non-toxic, environmental-friendly solution. We are so fortunate to have found a farm in Ecuador that has the same values as ours. They have received the Rainforest Alliance Certification which is an international body that has developed ideals for the conservation of the environment and the social wellbeing of the people working in agriculture farms. The farm also uses a proprietary solution and colour pigmentation process, which are also environmental-friendly, to keep the freshness of the roses and then instill them with a wide variety of colors for us to enjoy. Premium quality is possible in Ecuador because of its unique climate- a true thermal shock which means a high temperature difference between night and day which sometimes exceeds 30°C difference, almost 12 hours per day of sunlight, and a very fertile, volcanic soil.Precious by Flo® roses do not need to be watered. They don't need any maintenance and that's huge because overtime not only you are saving money and water, you are also definitely saving time! With proper care, they can last their full lifespan and can stay precious for years to come.



Environmental Benefits of Preserved Flowers

Lower Carbon Footprint

Preserved flowers last long, therefore cutting down on production and transportation of flowers, resulting in lowering CO2 emissions.

Reduce Waste

Preserved flowers do not need to be thrown away frequently so there is less packaging that will eventually go to the landfill

Save Water

Preserved flowers do not need to be watered. Overtime you save liters and liters of water

Reduce Energy Consumption

Preserved flowers use less energy than fresh flowers in transportation storage as they need less space and no refrigeration.

Reduce Chemicals in the soil

Fresh flowers are ready to be cut after 30 to 45 days. They uses a lot of water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy. Their lifespan is about 15 days. Preserved roses last for more than a year, reducing the amount of water and chemical products necessary for production of fresh flowers.

100% Real, Handpicked Premium Roses

Ecologically Preserved to Last Years

No Water & No Maintance required