Product Care

Do not water your roses
These precious babies have been preserved and they will last without water

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight or bright strong lights
Direct sunlight will discolor and/or damage the integrity of the roses

Store the roses in area with temperature of 15-20°C or 60-70 °F

Do not place the lid of the box on top of the roses
The lid is meant to stay at the bottom or side of the box

Do not remove the roses from their boxes
They are really happy and comfy there

Do not touch your roses. I know this is a tough one.
Due to delicate preservation solution used, touching will cause irreparable damage

    Precautionary Note:

  • If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using a PBF Brush.
  • Be mindful when carrying the flower arrangements; it a very delicate product.
  • Also note that the roses are NOT edible and can stain.